The Long Good-Bye

I just finished reading Raymond Chandler’s The Long Good-Bye. I’ve heard of his work before, but I decided to read one of Chandler’s Philip Marlowe mysteries after the urging of my Hungarian friend, Sandor. I like Marlowe, and in some ways, I would like to be like him. This was an enjoyable read, and I’m looking forward to reading Chandler’s other Marlowe stories!

Yesterday, I had my first seminar in the genre definitions module. It was an enjoyable discussion, and I think that everyone had something to contribute. Present at the seminar were: Mr. Sawyer, Sunshine (MA), Christian (MA), Sandor (visiting scholar), Aiden-Paul (PhD), and myself. Mr. Sawyer hasn’t heard from the fourth MA student, so we might only have a class of three.

Also yesterday, I walked down to Bold Street to find the Waterstone bookshop. I had heard that they have a larger science fiction selection than Blackwell’s. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware that they close so early. I arrived at their storefront to be turned away by a pretty attendant who told me that they closed at 17:00. I’m used to the convenience of stores being open until 21:00 or 22:00. It’s just a minor point that I’ll have to remind myself of before I want to undertake another evening shopping trek.

Returning to today’s going-ons, I am currently doing a load of laundry across from the porter’s lodge. It costs £2 for a wash and £1 for drying. It’s a little more expensive than I would care for, but the washers can handle more than a normal sized load.

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