Time and Consciousness

Today, I attended my first seminar in the Time and Consciousness module. We all met in Dr. Barry Dainton’s office on the third floor in 7 Abercrombe Square. It was mostly a planning session for our future seminars. For next week, we’re going to discuss Asimov’s I, Robot collection and Alan Turing’s “Computing Machinery and Intelligence.”

The Time and Consciousness module should be a lot of fun, particularly since a lot of my research has centered on autonomous machines and AI. I’m going to review basic philosophical concepts over the weekend, so that I’ll be better prepared to engage the discussion next week.

I went to the Liverpool Public Library today to get a card, but I didn’t have an official letter or bill with my Liverpool address on it. I’ll have to walk back over there tomorrow.

I began reading Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49 last night. I should be able to finish it tonight. Over the summer I read his novel, Gravity’s Rainbow. Thus far, I feel as in as a nebulous place in The Crying of Lot 49 as I did in Gravity’s Rainbow.

Also today, I walked around the city centre with Christian. We hit several of the bookshops and comic shops. While we were talking, I learned that he likes playing WoW too. I haven’t played in a few weeks, but it reminded me that I need to level my Tauren druid. Besides playing the game, it will be cool to talk with my friends Perry and Matt back in Atlanta.

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