Doctor Who Exhibit

Sunshine, Christian, and I went to Spaceport, which is a space museum across the River Mersey at the Seacombe stop via the Mersey Ferry. Today was the opening day of their Doctor Who exhibit. It was packed with eager fans to check out props, costumes, and video of the popular British sci-fi television show.

We all met up outside the Sydney Jones Library and then proceeded to walk through the city to Pier Head. The ferry ride over to Spaceport is a fun experience in itself. And, as you might have heard, the song, “Ferry Across the Mersey,” when the boat pulls away from port.

We primarily went to check out the Doctor Who exhibit, but we took our time going through the space museum exhibits. It has a lot of hands-on stuff for adults and kids to experiment with and learn a little bit about how our great Universe works.

I was able to take a lot of photos, but unfortunately, my camera’s battery died before I was able to snap a shot of the most popular exhibit: a live action, killing, and maiming Dalek! Yes, it was spouting off about exterminating this and killing the doctor that. Also, it would have been nearly impossible to get a good photo of the Dalek, because the kids loved it and were hanging all over the exhibit!

After making our way through the museum, we went in search of food in Wirral. Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything in the direction that we walked, but a kind gentleman pointed us back to the museum area and a place called the Seacombe Cafe. We all had fish, chips, and peas. It was a good lunch!

On the way back to the dormitories, we were going to stop for coffee from Starbucks, but the queue was enormous. Instead, we settled on milkshakes from a place akin to Johnny Rockets back home. While there, I discovered that Sunshine has a bit more mischief in her than I had first thought!

I almost forgot! Last night, I went out to the first social gathering of the Liverpool Anime Society. It’s a club on campus that has social events and film screenings of Japanese animation. I heard about the organization during the activities fair held for international students. I met some cool folks last night such as Laura, Rebecca, Kevin, Nick, and Simon. I met a lot more people than that, but my memory is poorly suited to remembering names. I know everyone’s faces so I’ll recognize them when we have our first screening next Friday night.

Now, I’m going to get back to reading. We’re shuffling around one of our courses so that we’ll have two seminars on Monday, thus freeing up an extra day during the week. That means I’ll have to do a little more preparation to be ready for Monday’s discussion in the Philosophy module.

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