Sinuses Stage Coup d’état

Last night, my sinuses decided to launch an all out offensive against my well being. It was sudden and unexpected. Between the storm raging outside during the night, and the tempest brewing in my head, I didn’t get a lot of sleep. I’m feeling a little better now after taking some meds and trying out an old Canadian cure-all that Witch Doctor Sunshine offered me!

Today, I had my second Philosophy of Mind and Time module. We discussed I, Robot and Alan Turning. It was a good discussion and I brought up some excellent points from Richard Power’s Galatea 2.2 and Roger Penrose’s The Emperor’s New Mind.

For lunch, Christian and I went to a French restaurant for their three course lunch special. I had sliced beef with green stuff, chicken in a yummy sauce, and a chocolate crepe. Okay, so they may have had fancier names for that stuff, but I think my descriptions are more encompassing than any language that I could never master. Okay, so maybe not!

I made some more headway on Richard Dawkin’s The Selfish Gene. I really like his idea that we are merely “survival machines” for genes. Might this also be a way of explaining the superabundance of exo-suit narratives in Japanese animation?

I also finished a rough draft of my article on Marleen Barr’s Oy Pioneer! I’m going to revise it and have someone else read over it before I email it to Marleen.

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