I’m Getting Better! I Feel Happy!

Today, Sunshine and I walked a few miles from Melville Grove to the Heritage Market (pictured above), which is located near the Stanley Dock in Liverpool. It’s an open air market, akin to a flea market back in the US. There were many deals to be had there, but I walked away empty handed. After leaving there, we searched for a bus, but we couldn’t find one that fit our schedule, so we walked back through the city. When we arrived at Myrtle Street, we had lunch at the fantastic French cafe there.

After getting our fill of the three course lunch special, we took the bus to ASDA to do some grocery shopping. Tomorrow, Sunshine has a big Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner planned, and we had to procure chickens, drinks, and other goodies. We met our friend, Christian, there. He didn’t have far to walk through because he lives around the corner. Unfortunately, my mutant cold virus has attacked him, so he is having to fight off the nasty bugs that jumped on me earlier this past week.

When our shopping was done, Sunshine and I hired a cab to take us back to Melville Grove. We dropped off the groceries at her building, and then walked back to mine so that I could lend her a book. She got to see how much smaller my room is than hers. In retrospect, it would have been nicer to have a larger room, but I’ll make do with this one. I just keep telling myself that I used to have a nice house to prance around in, but now I might break something if I do any prancing!

I’ve been preparing my notes on New Wave SF this evening. I’ve been getting a lot of work done, but I take breaks to listen to the wind whistling and twirling outside my window. That’s one thing that the wind never did for me back in Atlanta–whistle and twirl.

I have my hostel bed booked for London for the US Thanksgiving. I don’t have transportation yet, because they haven’t added the days for the end of November to the MegaBus website. It will take longer to get to London with their service, but they are about 1/10 to 1/20 the cost of any other means of transportation. Anyways, the extra two hours will give me time to get some more reading done.

Tonight, I’ve used the text messaging features of my cell phone more than I have in the entire time that I’ve ever owned one. I hope that good things come to those who text!

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