I got an email from Professor Sarah Annes Brown that I’ve been accepted to present at the SF and the Canon Conference at Anglia Ruskin University on March 24 in Cambridge. I’ll be presenting my paper on Steampunk and H.G. Wells. I’m really excited!

This afternoon, I met Andrea at The Foundation Building for coffee at Costa. Luckily it wasn’t busy, and we were able to get a nice table at the back. We had a good talk, and she filled me in on all of the drama that she’s been witness to lately (those Russians sure are nuts). I’ll be going over to her flat on Wednesday to make my world-famous American burgers for her, Anja, and Ardy. That should be good fun, but she’ll be leaving for Germany next Monday.

Also today, I finished all of my application materials for LSU. Now, I have two more schools (Kansas and Kent State) to take care of immediately, and one (Liverpool) that can stew for awhile.

In other news: If you’ve been to Texas recently and you have headaches, you might consider getting checked for brain worms!

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