Cambridge Bookings

Today, I finalized my train and hotel accommodation bookings for the Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge SF and the Canon Conference on 24 March. I’ll take the train down to Cambridge (about a four hour ride) on 22 March and I’ll return to Liverpool on 25 March. I ended up finding accommodation at Travelodge, because all of the Bed and Breakfast places were booked. I plan on doing some sightseeing while I’m in Cambridge. I can’t wait to check out the University of Cambridge and I plan on raiding the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics!

Tonight, Christian and I went to the Kenneth Allot Chair of English Inaugural Lecture given by Professor Marcus Walsh on “Telling Tales & Gathering Fragments: Jonathan Swift’s Tale of a Tub.” It was an entertaining presentation, and the reception afterwards was very nice. Jonathan, Christian, and I spoke to Professor Walsh afterwards.

On the way back to Melville Grove, Christian and I ran into Sunshine and Jean on an after dinner walk. We joined them for a stroll around the Metropolitan Cathedral, and then we continued on our way to the campus residences. Jean treated Sunshine and I to her first stab at a lemon cake, which wasn’t that bad. It’s better than I would have done, so I can’t complain!

An Interesting Story–I found out something interesting today regarding my degree from the University of Liverpool. During our Utopias Module today, Sunshine, Andy, and I were debating what actually goes on our degree. Andy couldn’t remember for sure, Sunshine assumed it would be an MA in English, and I assumed it would be an MA in SF Studies. In order to resolve the question without any dispute, I emailed D. Harlan Wilson, a 1998 MA in SF Studies alumnus and author of the upcoming Dr. Identity, to ask him what was on his degree. He quickly replied that:

| I’m looking at my ULiverpool M.A. on my wall right now. It reads:
| Degree of Master of Arts
| Nothing, curiously, about science fiction — I never noticed that!

There you go! I was expecting something more than that, but that’s all there is to it. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to have that piece of paper in hand (hopefully I’ll actually frame it, unlike my Georgia Tech degree that’s still in the mailing tube).

Picture above: The 86 double decker bus for Smithdown Road and Penny Lane obscures one of the local comic shops I frequent in Liverpool.

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