I Heart Olivia Judson

This Valentine’s Day I heart the evolutionary biologist Olivia Judson. She recently posted, “A Tyrannical Romance” to her New York Times blog. It’s a fun piece about what happens when, “two T. rex got it on.”

If you haven’t read it, you should also check out her entertaining and informative book on the realities of sex (believe it or not, it’s not all binary out there in the real world)–Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation.

I wonder if I can win her heart with a dozen fossilized flowers and the finest bottle of “Tyrannosaurus Red?”

Published by Jason W. Ellis

I am an Associate Professor of English at the New York City College of Technology, CUNY whose teaching includes composition and technical communication, and research focuses on science fiction, neuroscience, and digital technology. Also, I coordinate the City Tech Science Fiction Collection, which holds more than 600 linear feet of magazines, anthologies, novels, and research publications.