Multimodal Project – Competitive Team Blogging

I turned in my teaching project and final exam to Brian on Thursday for the Teaching College Writing class that I’ve been immersed in for the past four weeks.  I think I came up with a cool idea for low load college writing teachers to use in the classroom.  It’s a semester-long blogging project for his or her students to use for all of their writing exercises.  The way it works is that the class is divided into groups (either at random or by major or interests), and each group is responsible for developing and maintaining a blog based around a theme unique to that group.  Also, all major assignments will be posted to the blog, and the teacher responds in comments to those assignments.  If you’re using portfolios, each student’s final post will include links to all their revised work, which in turn will link back to earlier drafts that the teacher has commented on.  Now, the competitive aspect of team blogging is intended to encourage students to “ache with caring” (Mem Fox).  Each week, each group must give a five minute presentation on blog performance metrics (# posts, views, most popular posts, incoming links, etc).  The group with the most traffic and cross linking will win (keychains, t-shirts, etc).  To read more about my idea, download a pdf of my project–complete with methodology, handouts, and a screen capture walkthrough of setting up blogs on–here.