SFRA 2008 in Lawrence = Pure Win

I got back late Sunday night from my July 10-13 jaunt to Lawrence, Kansas and the 2008 Science Fiction Research Association annual conference held in conjunction with the Campbell Conference.  It’s an almost thirteen hour trek between Kent, Ohio and Lawrence, and my car performed beautifully both ways (getting between 39 and 41.5 mpg).

I consider the conference a great success!  Andy Sawyer and I both won awards on Friday evening, and I learned that Jim Gunn and I share the same birthday (July 12).  I presented one paper, and participated on a “SF and video games in the classroom” round table.  Also, I picked up a lot of ideas and tips for my beginning teaching career.  I got to hang out with a lot of old friends, and I made a few new ones.  Also, I had the opportunity to talk with Tom Goonan–Kathleen Ann Goonan’s father.

I’m still decompressing from the trip and the stressful few weeks leading up to it.  Therefore, expect short, but plentiful, updates during the coming week that details my adventures in SF at SFRA 2008.

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