Boing Boing Kisses and Makes Up

Xeni Jardin wrote a post today on Boing Boing titled, “Lessons Learned.”  I’ve commented on the Boing Boing explosion from a couple of weeks ago here, here, and here.  It’s part apology, and part “here’s what we learned today.”  As far as the Boing Boing community goes, I think it’s good that Xeni posted this.  Also, it’s interesting how positive the majority of comments are to this post than to the original post that served as lightning rod to this mess.  I wonder if folks had time to cool off, or if those anti-happy mutants jetisoned their escape pod to points of interest in the Internet Cloud that they found more amenable to their sensibilities.  Anyways, I think Warren Ellis’ post, The Patchwork Years, is a good read and perspective antidote to comment wars and the general philocentric ennui on the net.

What do you think?

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