SLSA 2008, Back in Kent

The conference was a lot of fun, and I’m glad that I got to hang out with Pawel, Michael, De Witt, Matt, Hannah, Amanda, and Cat.  I passed out a lot of SFRA bracelets, brochures, and conference announcements, so I hope to see some of you not-yet-SFRA members, but soon-to-be SFRA members next year in Atlanta.  Oh, Cat and I rocked our panel, and thanks to the audience members and their questions and discussion!

After a relatively easy eight hour drive from Charlotte to Kent today, I arrived home safely for a much needed nap before going to dinner with Yufang.  I have some work to catch up on tonight before class tomorrow, but I have plenty of notes from SLSA.  Expect a proper write-up over the next few days.