Carter Kaplan’s Tally-Ho, Cornelius!

Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to read Carter Kaplan’s new novel, Tally-Ho, Cornelius!  However, I intend to do so as soon as the semester wraps-up, because it sounds like an interesting postmodern tale with characters and names borrowed–with permission–from Michael Moorcock’s Jerry Cornelius Quartet.  Also, it should be noted that Kaplan is a rara avis–an academic and SF author.  Here’s the blurb about his novel:

Jerry Cornelius comes back to life as a most improbable Anglican theologian in this lively tale of love, God’s will and the New World Order. Set against the pulsing background of New York City rebuilding at the dawn of our young and uncertain century, this happy and charming novel bubbles over with the myths and ambitions that feed the hallucinating classes as they compete with each other and make love, very often to vague purposes and with only figurative ends in sight. Jerry Cornelius is our affliction and our respite. Michael Moorcock writes, “Rev. Dr. Jerry Cornelius remains an enigmatic and at the same time wholly transparent figure amongst modern media brands, at once instantly recognizable and invisible.”

Visit the author’s blog here, or buy the book on Amazon here.

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