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New Website Launched!

I received an email from SFRA Web Director Matthew Holtmeier this afternoon that the new and improved website is now live.  Go here to check it out and find out what the new site can offer you!

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SFRA 2009, Conference completed but not yet on record

Yufang and I are sitting outside a Starbucks enjoying the warm weather–reading magazines and checking email.  We left the Hotel Midtown around noon, saying goodbye to our friends, and we made our way to Norcross to begin our vacation. During

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I’m Quoted in the Youngstown Tribune on Electronic Cheating

Bob Mackey gave my contact information to the future Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Sarah Sepanek for a story she was writing a week ago on student cheating and the Internet.  I responded to her email questions about my experiences with

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SFRA 2009, Essay Conclusion and Sushi

While my pants were washing in my awesome Frigidaire combo washer and dryer, I rewrote the concluding section of my World of Warcraft essay that I am presenting on Friday morning.  Now, I just need to type it up, but

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SFRA 2009, In Atlanta, At Starbucks

I didn’t sleep nearly as long as I would have liked to last night, but I do feel more rested than I did yesterday during the twelve hour drive.  Now, I’m sitting in the Tucker, Georgia Starbucks working on shortening

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SFRA 2009, Loading Up and Heading Out

Yufang and I are finishing our packing now, but loading the car will have to wait until tomorrow.  I have put some things in the car, such as the three rotisserie cookers for my folks and Aunt Lettie-Anne and Uncle

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SFRA 2009 Conference Program

The first draft of the SFRA 2009 Conference Program was completed weeks ago, but I’ve learned that putting together conference scheduling and producing a relatively error free printable program is an arduous task!  Lisa Yaszek and Doug Davis, along with

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Who is Dynamic Subspace?

Dr. Jason W. Ellis shares his interdisciplinary research and pedagogy on Its focus includes the exploration of science, technology, and cultural issues through science fiction and neuroscientific approaches. It includes vintage computing, LEGO, and other wonderful things, too.

He is an Assistant Professor of English at the New York City College of Technology, CUNY (City Tech) where he teaches college writing, technical communication, and science fiction.

He holds a Ph.D. in English from Kent State University, M.A. in Science Fiction Studies from the University of Liverpool, and B.S. in Science, Technology, and Culture from Georgia Tech.

He welcomes questions, comments, and inquiries for collaboration via email at jellis at citytech dot cuny dot edu or Twitter @dynamicsubspace.


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