Steve Jobs said, “I’ll be back.”

In an abandoned corner deep within the Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center , Skynet’s prototype T-400 (half an 800) goes online. Wearing titanium weaved blue jeans, a bulletproof black turtleneck, and rocket blast sneakers, the ‘Steve’ model makes his first tentative steps and immediately begins yelling at the researchers about how “insanely great” the mind download process was. After collecting his thoughts, padding himself down, and gawking in a mirror, Steve shouts for Ive–“why do I still look like a skinny white guy? I specifically said that I wanted to look like Eve from Wall-E and have a laser blaster in my arm. Goddamnit.” We all knew that the Steve-inator would be back.

More (less accurate than my reporting above) details about the return of Steve Jobs here.  Thanks Chris for the link!