SFRA 2009, Conference completed but not yet on record

Yufang and I are sitting outside a Starbucks enjoying the warm weather–reading magazines and checking email.  We left the Hotel Midtown around noon, saying goodbye to our friends, and we made our way to Norcross to begin our vacation.

During the conference, I was busy making sure the program executed itself with as few memory errors and illegal operations as possible.  It may not have been necessary to do this, because everyone really came through in many different ways to make the conference come off as well as it did, and for that I am thankful to everyone at SFRA 2009.

I didn’t have much time to sit in on full panels, so I don’t have much to report on  However, I will report on the major events and those that I was involved in when I can sporatically connect to the Internet over the coming week.  Also, I’m looking forward to reading what other SFRA bloggers have to say about their experiences in Atlanta.  As I find these, I will link to them from here.

Talk to y’all soon about our southern-fried science fiction studies conference!

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Jason W. Ellis

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