Pitfalls of the Computer Classroom, Again

I had another unfortunate encounter with the computer classroom in SFH, but I think I stumbled on the solution. The students who couldn’t login to the wireless network hadn’t yet updated their passwords with Flashword. Apparently, this needs to be done before they can login to other services on campus besides Flashline, Vista, or campus email. It was very frustrating to discover this during class when I would have preferred to focus on the writing assignments. As with last time, I had students work with pen and paper when they weren’t able to login to the wireless network. Even though they should have updated their passwords in order to access the wireless network, I wish that the computer classrooms in SFH had wired connections to the Internet as they do in MOU. I understand that this requires more infrastructure investment, but a wireless access point connected to a switch with wires snaking around the room to each laptop wouldn’t be that expensive and it would remove the added “cost” of having students login to the wireless network each class.

Recap–For other KSU instructors in SFH, make sure that  your students have updated their passwords with Flashword if they trouble connecting to the wireless network.

Bottom line–I’m glad that I was able to roll with this (second) punch, and that I had a plan b to offload the writing to more traditional media.