KSU Writing Classroom Improvements

Thank the maker–my first class students had unimpeded wireless access in SFH, and our peer review exercise went off largely without a hitch. I’m very happy that I was able to use that computer classroom without any technological hiccups.

My second class is busy working on their peer reviews now, and they are all busily engaged with each other’s essays. But what would this post be if I were not to complain about something–the desktops in MOU should have the default Microsoft Windows XP games disabled. I would rather my students have “underlife” talk after completing an assignment rather than playing a throw-your-brain-into-neutral game of solitaire.

And one concluding question: Why do computer support folk have to be jerks? This isn’t a universal rule, but it a widespread malaise that appears with a variety of stenches. I encountered the kindergarden teacher routine today, when I asked for help getting the projector to mirror the computer monitor. If the podium in these otherwise nicely equipped computer rooms wasn’t a Frankensteinian agglomeration of multiple breakout boxes and wires that must be configured in just like a sudoku puzzle for the proper video source to be projected. I wouldn’t be quite as upset about this if the tech didn’t use a normal tone of voice with her assistant and would code switch into a condescending cutesy voice when she would turn back to me.