Reading and Legos As the Snow Falls On

We’ve been experiencing a lot of lake effect snow up here in NE Ohio, so I’ve had no good excuse to avoid reading by going outside. In the past week, I’ve knocked out Michel de Certeau’s The Practice of Everyday Life, a few Flannery O’Connor stories, and Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita. Oh, and I read Philip K. Dick’s Puttering About in a Small Land and wrote a review of it for SFRA Review.

As a bit of fun and in the interest in my growing enthusiasm for what I call “Lego studies,” I am continuing to build and customize my Lego models. Right now, I’m working on a customized version of the Lego 7190 Millennium Falcon. I will post more pictures soon of before and after, but the one piece that I need will allow me to have a better looking cockpit from the 4504 set. Here is a picture of the 7190 after some customizations but with the offending cockpit.

And the more attractive cockpit from the 4504 set:

Expect more updates to follow soon between readings!