Bodies That Matter, What Matters Ubuntu

On today’s docket, I am reading Judith Butler’s Bodies That Matter, which I’ve read the introduction to before, but not the entire volume. As an experiment, I am going to read it standing up, not to get any better insight into her argument or enviable prose, but to get up and move around while I’m reading. It occurred to me this morning that I’ve spent a whole heck of a lot of time sitting down while I’ve been reading for my exams. Thus, I think it’s about time to get off my keister.

Between reading and standing, I’m reinstalling Ubuntu on my desktop. The installation got foobared about a week ago when I tried changing my account password prior to installing some updates. I don’t know exactly what precipitated the problem, but after rebooting from the updates, the OS would load the desktop image and mouse following login authentication and then nothing else. I could load the ctrl-alt-del screen, but that was all. Ubuntu is back up now, but I need to reinstall a bunch of apps.

Oh, and I did some polyurethane painting on a special surprise for Lyndsay and John this weekend. Stand up!

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