Lego Star Wars Mon Calimari Home One 7754

I picked up the Return of the Jedi themed Lego Star Wars Home One 7754 set during the Christmas sales that were changing from week-to-week at Toys’R’Us. It comes with a boatload of minifigs, though admittedly not as many as in the Death Star set, an A-Wing Fighter, and the command deck of the Home One Mon Calimari battle cruiser. This was a particularly enjoyable build, because it has lots of compartments and moving parts that add something to the model when you display it. You can make a change here and there occasionally so that it is always ‘made new’ again. I really do want some of the other large sets like Cloud City and the Death Star, but Home One will have to suffice for now.

2 thoughts on “Lego Star Wars Mon Calimari Home One 7754

  1. Thanks, Jon. You know, if I’m making a foolhardy attack with refitted space cruisers and stunt fighters on the Empire’s secret planet-destroying space station orbiting a distant moon, I definitely want Ackbar backing me up.

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