Lego Star Wars Snowtrooper Battle Pack 8084

I took a quick break from Dos Passos’ The Big Money this morning to put together the Lego Star Wars Snowtrooper Battle Pack 8084, one of the new sets for 2010. This is another ESB themed set for the film’s anniversary this year, and I would say that I like this set better than the Rebel Trooper Battle Pack 8083 only because the speeder bike and command station seem more integrated than the tank that comes with the Rebel set. I think I would have preferred to have a ‘radar dish’ cannon or a gun turret tower in the 8083 set. At least, in both cases, we do get some snazzy minifigs to inhabit our own models and dioramas.

You may wonder why I’m posting so many things about Lego lately. I certainly do enjoy building with Legos, and I can honestly say that Lego has provided a lot of stress relief as I’m preparing for my exams. However, I do have several ideas simmering that I hope to do something fantastic with soon.

See below for more pictures.

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