Lego Star Wars Luke’s Landspeeder 8092

I really dig the 2010 Star Wars Lego sets for the original trilogy including this updated Luke’s Landspeeder. It is much more detailed than the first iteration that came out around 1999, and the really noticeable additions are the improved R2-D2 dome, the Sandtrooper, and the caucasian skinned Luke and Ben minifigs.

The last point about the change in minifig skin tone got me thinking–I’ve seen this on some of the other later Star Wars Lego sets. In fact, I’m thinking a lot about the racialization of Star Wars characters in the once homogenous Lego universe–which is better or more progressive–one skin tone for all, or a more accurate reflection of race within Lego? There’s not much to be done for Star Wars with its blatant tokenism. Also, what other Lego properties have race identifiable characters?) See more pictures of the set below.

Stay tuned for the Friday, February 19 unveiling of my Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon 7190 redesign!

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