Lego Kingdoms 7955 Wizard Minifig Set

I don’t normally collect the Castle or Kingdom Lego sets, but I immediately liked the Kingdoms 7955 Wizard set when I saw in the Cuyahoga Falls Toys R Us. Pictured above with the wizard and his accessories: vials, work bench, reading stand, dragon scroll, and baby dragon. In fact, the wizard would be more accurately called a dragon wizard or wizard of dragons based on the design of his hat, reading matter, and pet.

I took the above miniset and made it more impressive for bookshelf display with some of my recently acquired random bricks. See below:

Here’s to some wizarding magic in your world!

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3 thoughts on “Lego Kingdoms 7955 Wizard Minifig Set

  1. I’ve got the light blue/grey one with the crytal ball and the owl keeping me company on my desk.

  2. Hey Gérard,

    Thanks for the comment. You have the Good Wizard–that’s an awesome looking set. I’ll have to keep an eye peeled for it.


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