New Journal Announcement: Sikh Studies: Cultural Perspectives

Masood Raja, late of Kent State and now at the University of North Texas, recently announced a newly launched journal called Sikh Studies: Cultural Perspectives. He is going to serve as the managing editor for the journal, which is being founded by Professor (emeritus) Harbans Lal. They now have an official website up-and-running here (with a title banner I built in Adobe Photoshop CS4), and I imagine it won’t take the journal long to get running at full speed with Professor Raja’s experience launching Pakistaniaat: A Journal of Pakistan Studies nearly two years ago. If you want to join the new Sikh Studies journal on the ground floor, I would highly recommend you contact Professor Raja at as soon as possible.

One thought on “New Journal Announcement: Sikh Studies: Cultural Perspectives

  1. Dear Jason:
    Thank you so much for posting this link. And also, let me share it with your readers, without your help as the first Layout Editor, Pakistaniaat would have not had the kind of success it has had: We could have not done it without you.
    Masood Raja

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