WordPress’ Sexy Stats

WordPress (this blog’s host and content management system) announced a change to blog stats today. The big shift for quickly seeing traffic is a move from a point and line based graph to bars. I am a fan of bar-based graphs, and I have to concede that there is something sexy about the new look. Rectangular bar graphs, at least for me, are visually more appealing and quicker to digest. I suppose their efficient information presentation does make them sexier than the line graphs, but that doesn’t really mean that they are more innovative. I think a more robust (full figure?) solution would be to have stats customizable with different choices available for graphical representation of traffic data. Perhaps we will see this in a future release of their stats plug-in. Read about the changes here.

One thought on “WordPress’ Sexy Stats

  1. i wouldn’t go as far as to say sexy stats but i think, the stats page should be available in several options just as everybody likes them. i know this will make even more work and consume time and space, but some prefer lines over bars and others just want the plain figures. i think you can’t please everyone.

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