Wal-Mart’s Star Wars Exclusive: Jabba’s Throne

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About six weeks ago, Y and I went on a hunt for the new Return of the Jedi set, Jabba’s Throne. It includes a highly detailed throne on rollers, a new Jabba figure with poseable tail, slave girl Oola, and Salacious Crumb. Overall, this is a meticulously designed set that is a well-deserved addition to the ROTJ line of toys.

Hasbro has made exclusive deals in the past with various retailers for exclusive movie toy merchandise, but this sales pattern has expanded over time. For example, Wal-Mart currently has Jabba, and Toys R Us has the huge Clone Wars Slave I set. Lego also engages in this practice. I acknowledge that this is good for retailers who are bound to pricing arrangements with manufacturers, but it is a problem for science fiction memorabilia collectors who have limited resources and time.

Click through the picture to see the entire set of Jabba’s pictures.

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