Lego Star Wars Slave I 8097 with Display

IMG_4271, originally uploaded by dynamicsubspace.

After building the new Lego Star Wars Slave I (set 8097), I wanted to display it. However, I wanted to exhibit it in such a way that it appeared dynamic and in flight. As you may guess, the shape of Slave I is not exactly symmetrical and it is not evenly balanced. Thus, I had to figure out a way to show it in flight while maintaining its balance.

I didn’t want to redesign the Slave I model internally, because I wanted to be able to take it off of its display stand if desired. I compromised by showing Slave I just taking off from the horizontal during its transition to flight. This also facilitates the model’s built-in and free-rotating cockpit/wing assembly. Boba Fett is correctly aligned on the horizontal even though his ship is assuming a vertical orientation.

You may click through the image above to see pictures from the whole Flickr set including detailed views of the display stand’s construction and rotation ability.