Experiences Without Flash So Far

It has been nearly a week since I uninstalled Flash on my MacBook. I haven’t had a chance to time my battery life, but I will do so soon. However, I do feel as if I am getting longer run time on my MacBook with all other things being equal (brightness set to minimum, same apps open, using MacBook throughout the day at school, etc).

The biggest difference with using a Flash-free experience on my MacBook has to do with Internet video and advertising. I don’t mind losing most of the video advertising, but some sites that post videos are less useful to me now. Boingboing.net is a prime example. I didn’t realize how many of their posts had embedded video. YouTube was lost to me until I found this page where I was able to enter their HTML5 beta for Safari and other HTML5 enabled browsers here (HTML5 has support for video without the need for Flash). Another loss was Wal-Mart’s photo center uploading feature. Now, I have to upload photos one at a time rather than selecting photos in bulk. However, I just found their photo exporter for iPhoto here–win!

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