Hanging Out with Mack and Sue Hassler

IMG_4366, originally uploaded by dynamicsubspace.

Pictured above, you can see a recent meet up of my Dad and Mom, Sue and Mack Hassler, and Y and me at Rockne’s in Kent, Ohio. My folks were visiting Y and me on their second trip to Northeast Ohio (the first being for our marriage last year). My folks enjoy talking with Mack and Sue, and Mack and Sue like to hear about my folks’ latest tales of ancient Egyptian-like construction of my family’s home in Hortense, Georgia. We all met up at Mack and Sue’s house before venturing out for the local fare and good times.

As some of you may know, Mack Hassler is my good friend in the Kent State University English Department where I am pursuing my Literature PhD. Mack is also my dissertation director who along with my other committee members just received a copy of my near-completed dissertation prospectus.