Lego Creator 5766 Log Cabin

IMG_4544, originally uploaded by dynamicsubspace.

While I was out running errands for a sick Y last night, I thought I would see if Toys R Us had any new Lego sets. Luckily for Y, Toys R Us apparently put Lego Creator Set 5766 ‘Log Cabin’ on the shelf about a month early (Lego is currently running a Creator reveal and countdown page for 5766 here). The set includes instructions for a log cabin, a country retreat, and a river hut. Y likes the arched window design of the country retreat the best. It is a moderately priced set at $29.99 for 355 pieces including one minifigure. I like how the box is smaller and the pieces appear to fill the space nicely. Perhaps Lego is moving toward less packaging for their new sets, which will reduce waste.

I told Y that she will have to park her favorite Lego vehicle–the street sweeper from City Public Transport 8404–next to the cabin. I will land the Millennium Falcon on the other side.

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