Blogging from my iPhone 3GS

I haven’t updated the operating system of my iPhone yet, but I thought that I would arrange my home screen to be like my iPad. However, this made me realize just how differently I use my iPhone and iPad. I have different apps on each device and the organization of those different apps requires a different folder structure. The differences aren’t gigantic but they are subtle. For example, I only use the eBay app on my iPad but I have several different shopping apps on my iPhone. I suppose one of the reasons for this is that I use 3G net access to browse for deals when I have an idle moment or while shopping in brick and mortar stores. I rarely shop on the iPad besides researching collectible Star Wars toys on eBay. I primarily use the iPad for reading books and articles with iBooks, comic zeal, Goodreads, and Stanza. I also carry my lesson plans and lecture notes to class on my iPad. Therefore, I use these slightly different devices for different roles in my everyday life primarily due to physical size, screen size and Internet connectivity. I will write more on this later from my MacBook’s keyboard interface instead of this index finger typing input method on the iPhone. Blogging from an iPhone is an equally interesting experience as blogging from an iPad. I must do more of each!

Published by Jason W. Ellis

I am an Assistant Professor of English at the New York City College of Technology, CUNY whose teaching includes composition and technical communication, and research focuses on science fiction, neuroscience, and digital technology. Also, I coordinate the City Tech Science Fiction Collection, which holds more than 600 linear feet of magazines, anthologies, novels, and research publications.

2 thoughts on “Blogging from my iPhone 3GS

  1. I don’t have an iphone, but is the display screen really so interactive that one can easily post a long blog with many words? I would find the screen far too fiddly to write anything longer than my own name – I would imagine.

  2. Dear Robert,

    Thanks for your comment. Blogging on the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook are each a different experience with writing. WordPress made a good app for blogging on iPhone and iPad, but there seems to be a bug where images get repeated in posts even though I selected to only have the image appear at the top of the post. I will have to look into this more.

    Best, Jason

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