Apparently Not a Snow Day

I am confused by Kent State University’s decision to hold classes today despite the heavy snow and to not clear sidewalks on the peripheral of campus and leading to the West side of campus. Its bad enough that I live a block from the edge of campus and Y’s and my shoveling last night seemed to have no effect on the relative height of snow on our front walk and the driveway. Additionally, our road, which is directly off highway 59, wasn’t plowed by the time I left the house this morning to teach my 7:45am writing class. If the administration decides to keep the school open on a day like this with heavy lake effect snow, they should take the necessary steps to insure that students and teachers can safely make it to school.

I am however very proud of the 16 students in my first class who braved the inclement weather to participate in peer review on their final research papers. I hope the turnout in my second class is equally strong considering that there is a white blur of snow falling outside my classroom’s second floor window.

UPDATE: 22 students attended my second class. This is great considering that the snow is falling so fast right now that I can see it refilling a recently cleared parking lot across the street from the second building that I teach in.

What do you think?

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