Big Day in Snowy Ohio

Unlike yesterday, which was a 2x shovel and roof rake day, I only had to shovel and rake the roof once. However, I was busy indoors and away from the house.

I did more winterizing in the house, including the construction of a plastic partition in the back of the house to segment the less insulated rear from the front of the house. I layered 3 mil plastic sheeting and bound at the top and bottom with a wide piece of duct tape. Inside the bottom, I put two old socks to provide weight, and I looped the top and taped it so that I could run a curtain rod through it. I hung the whole assembly in the door way leading from the back area into the kitchen. It has been an amazing success. I can feel the difference and observe the change in the central heat despite it being 16 degrees outside. The cooler air in the back stays there and the central heat runs less often.

We built two fires today, one after I shoveled snow and the other immediately after that one died. I moved Miao’s chair close to the fire, which made her very happy and sleepy.

This evening, I put together a spare Ikea desk in the living room between the fire and the television. I did this so that I could begin a large photo scanning project that I had not had time to do until the semester was over. I brought a lot of photos from home that I wanted to digitize and keep. Getting started was rough for some technical reasons, but now scanning is zipping right along.

Y is busy with D’s books and her iPad and now she is talking with her Mom over Skype.

It is a chill night in both senses of the word.

Published by Jason W. Ellis

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