Sanrio Surprises Y with Hello Kitty Merchandise

IMG_4899, originally uploaded by dynamicsubspace.

Y hit the jackpot last week. Sanrio randomly picked her out of their pool of email subscribers for their weekly $250 merchandise prize.

Sanrio initially contacted Y by email, but Danielle, a very friendly and soft spoken representative, called Y on the next day to find out how Y would like to spend her $250 in Hello Kitty dollars. Even though Y and I were out running errands at the time, she was well prepared with a printout of items and item numbers from

Y received her enormous box of goodies today, which included an iPad case, a neoprene “I Love Nerds” MacBook case, a camera case, a wallet, a travel coffee mug (that I may steal), a nice-sized bento box, a Winter Bunny Hello Kitty, and more.

Y is very happy with her new things, and we both want to thank them for this delightful Christmas surprise!