Dish Network and Taiwan Mega Pack Denouement

As I have already documented today between bouts of research here, here, and here, Y and I were trying to get Dish Network installed. Unfortunately, the installer feared that we would not be able to have an installation for the Taiwan Mega Pack which required one set of satellites in one direction and it was uncertain if we would have enough line of sight coverage for normal HD Dish Network channels on satellites in another direction. Tonight, our fate was decided while I was out getting din-din from Thai Gourmet in Stow.

When I returned, I saw a white side panel van blocking our driveway, so I figured the installer’s manager had arrived to do a walk around. I pulled into the neighbor’s driveway, and after getting out of my car, I saw that Y was talking with the Dish Network representative.

I walked in the front door and I was very cheerfully greeted by Freddie from Dish Network. He had already explained things to Y and chatted with her for awhile before I got home, but he took the time to tell me about the problem with the trees, our geographical location, and the satellites’ positions. He gave us the option to install a pole at the front corner of the property right next to the road, but this would not be acceptable to our landlord and it might not work as well as we would like. To illustrate his point, he brought out, not a sextant, but his Android phone with an augmented reality app that displayed the satellites’ path and position over the image captured by the phone’s built-in camera. I thought that was a slick idea that carries the astronomy apps with similar functions to a more practical work-a-day plane.

Before leaving, we talked a little bit about a familial connection. Apparently, his family’s last name is Ellis, too, and they originate from South Carolina. I believe that my Grandfather’s family also come from South Carolina after arriving from Scotland. I will need to verify this with my Dad and Aunt Lettie Anne. I also showed Freddie my home built UHF antenna, which it seems will continue to serve Y’s and my TV viewing needs until we decide how to get the TV programming that we want for an affordable price.

So, we watched NCIS: Los Angeles with salt and pepper squid, beef satay, and stir fried rice thanks to our reliable aerial.

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