Dish Network Is Not Off to a Good Start

As I mentioned earlier this morning, Y and I are getting satellite tv. Our Dish Network install window was from 8:00am-12:00pm today, but it is now 1:20pm without a technician having shown up yet. The installer did call me earlier, around 9:00am to say that he planned on being an hour late, because his first installation was taking longer than planned. No word from him since then. I hope that after the installation eventually takes place that we don’t have other snags or snafus with Dish Network.

6 thoughts on “Dish Network Is Not Off to a Good Start

  1. We held out for a long time, but you can only take so much Steve Wilkos. It’s nothing against Steve per se, but Steve reruns can get to you in a deeply fundamental way.

    I think Miao will be happy, too. We will have Animal Planet, which she used to enjoy watching before Y and I moved in together. And you probably know the old saying: Happy cat/Happy life, or something like that.

  2. Believe me, brother, I sympathize. I sympathize all over the walls!! And I hadn’t considered that age old saying before, but if it ain’t true, it’s not about to be age old, is it?

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