Waiting on Dish Network Installer

Y and I are waiting on our friendly, neighborhood Dish Network installer to come by this morning. We decided to get Dish Network (200 channel package + Taiwan Mega Pack) so that we could watch educational programming, SyFy network, and Taiwanese TV.

The Taiwan programming is really our main concern, because Y can use that to stay on top of what’s going on back home and incorporate new developments into her dissertation.

Having Dish Network will be more costly than using our free over-the-air reception [read about that and my homebuilt antenna here], but we will be able to watch more than Dr. Oz, Criminal Minds, and Steve Wilkos with it.

I wish that I could build my own dish or perform a self-install, but Dish Network is not keen on those things. I do think that it is amazing that with such a small dish and some extra hardware that we can receive so much programming from the skies. I remember knowing folks as a kid who had the huge satellite dishes for TV, and I wished that I had a dish like that, too. I imagined that there must be so much TV zipping around that I could watch if I only had a dish and the coordinates to pick up the signals.

It is snowing outside right now, so I imagine that this will delay the installation some. We have already received a call from the installer, who sounds on the ball, but he has to finish one job before making out to our house. I will report back with the results of the installation soon.

Published by Jason W. Ellis

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