Evolution in Science Education – Bill Nye on Evolution in Science Education – Popular Mechanics

Bill Nye the Science Guy dishes on the importance of science education and in particular the necessity of teaching evolution in the science/biology classroom in a Popular Mechanics interview. In the following Question and Answer, Nye points out the facticity of evolution and a possible solution for teaching “intelligent design” that I believe is spot-on:

Q: Should teachers be mandated to teach evolution as fact?

A: What other fundamental theory in all of biology is there? Intelligent design, as the judge in Dover, Penn., said, is “breathtaking inanity.” It was so stupid it took his breath away. I agree with him. It’s great to teach in history class, though. People believed the earth was the center of the universe. People believed the earth was flat. It was reasonable at the time, but we don’t learn about those ideas in science class.

Read the full interview here: Evolution in Science Education – Bill Nye on Evolution in Science Education – Popular Mechanics.

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