New MMO Open Beta: Battlestar Galactica Online | Syfy Games™

Syfy Games is holding an exclusive open beta for the new Battlestar Galactica Online MMO. Here is what I did to begin playing.

To join, I went to the public beta launch site here: MMO: Battlestar Galactica Online | Syfy Games™.

Then, I registered an account with Syfy, which led me to the official game site here.

Once there, I had to register an account with Big Point Games (I used OpenID) and download the free browser plug-in called WebPlayer, which allows you to play the game within your browser window (I’m using Apple’s Safari).

Locked and loaded, I launched the game and played for approximately 60 seconds (learning the controls and doing a shooting drill) before my Viper and controls disappeared and I was left floating in space. Remember: this is a beta launch, so I suppose there will be issues.

I will try again later, and maybe I will see you in the Second Human-Cylon War!

What do you think?

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