New MMO Open Beta: Battlestar Galactica Online | Syfy Games™

Syfy Games is holding an exclusive open beta for the new Battlestar Galactica Online MMO. Here is what I did to begin playing.

To join, I went to the public beta launch site here: MMO: Battlestar Galactica Online | Syfy Games™.

Then, I registered an account with Syfy, which led me to the official game site here.

Once there, I had to register an account with Big Point Games (I used OpenID) and download the free browser plug-in called WebPlayer, which allows you to play the game within your browser window (I’m using Apple’s Safari).

Locked and loaded, I launched the game and played for approximately 60 seconds (learning the controls and doing a shooting drill) before my Viper and controls disappeared and I was left floating in space. Remember: this is a beta launch, so I suppose there will be issues.

I will try again later, and maybe I will see you in the Second Human-Cylon War!

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Jason W. Ellis

I am an Associate Professor of English at the New York City College of Technology, CUNY whose teaching includes composition and technical communication, and research focuses on science fiction, neuroscience, and digital technology. Also, I direct the B.S. in Professional and Technical Writing Program and coordinate the City Tech Science Fiction Collection, which holds more than 600 linear feet of magazines, anthologies, novels, and research publications.