A Report on Recent Goings-On in Kent

Last week, Y and I picked up our friend Masaya from the airport. He is back in Kent, late of Japan, for another research mission. It’s good to have our friend back in town, even though we are all very busy. We will have to make time to hang out for the short time that he is back in the States.

This past Saturday, Mack and Sue took Y, Masaya, and me out to lunch at Pufferbelly’s Restaurant in downtown Kent. It was a good day, cold with the snow recently melted away after a short warm spell, and we had good conversations about jobs, dissertating, and Stieg Larsson. Many thanks to Mack and Sue for a good lunch and wonderful conversation.

Now, almost all of the snow that melted last week has been replaced with newly fallen snow. Y and I worked outside early this week to keep the roof cleared and the driveway open.

Professionally, I am reading the proofs for The Postnational Fantasy, and I am revising my entry on Asimov’s “Bicentennial Man” and Chris Columbus’ film of the same name for Peter Wright’s collection on science fiction film adaptations. I put in my application for a service-free semester fellowship, too.

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s departmental review, because Y and I can speak with Professor Eric Rabkin again (we first met Professor Rabkin at the SFRA 2010 meeting in Carefree, AZ, read about it here). He is the only member of the outside review committee who I happen to know.

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