Short Zombie Film Announcement, The Black Earth, Shooting in WI

My friend and film-making colleague James Warbington sent out a press release today for a short zombie film that he is shooting in Wisconsin. James combines southern sensibilities with his expansive imagination to create interesting film narratives, and I believe that he demonstrates his abilities in his upcoming film The Black Earth. I have worked with James on a number of projects including two 48-Hour Film Festivals in Atlanta (once he was the producer/director and once I acted as producer/director) and he and his wife Camille recorded the 2009 Science Fiction Research Association Conference in Atlanta for me. You may read more about his upcoming film The Black Earth in the press release below:



Director & Writer: James T. Warbington

Production Company: Black Scorpion Films, LLC

Executive Producer: Kevin Wayne Film Studios

Producer: Family Curse Productions

Short “Zomedy” Zombie Comedy to be filmed in Black Earth, Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin March 25th 2011. James T. Warbington in association with Kevin Wayne Film Studios, Black Scorpion Films, LLC and Family Curse Productions has announced the short film tentatively titled “The Black Earth” to be filmed in it’s name sake, Black Earth, Wisconsin in June 2011.

“The Black Earth” is the story of two country boys and their family. The two cousins are considered the Black Sheep and outcast of the town. As they spend their free time imitating stunts they have seen on television and known for having a beer or two they become the unlikely heroes that save the day. As the tourist run in fear, they laugh in the face of the undead, turn up a beer and the radio and get to protecting Black Earth from the undead invasion. The short film to be used as a stepping stone to secure the additional funding to film the feature length.

The title and location was inspired by a visit to Black Earth on ancestor search. After visiting the town and realizing it’s charm, not only did the tentative title spawn from it, it was decided it was an excellent place to film as well. Director and Writer James T. Warbington explained while scouting locations “It (Black Earth) is a wonderful town and everyone has been extremely accepting to what we want to accomplish there.”

Kevin Wayne Studios is the executive headquarters for Black Scorpion Films, LLC, based out of Birmingham, Alabama has filmed 4 feature length films as well as many short films and been a solid member of Sidewalk independent Film Festival in Alabama. Kevin Wayne Film Studios is currently in post production of the film “Company M: a mob of soldiers” as well as pre-production of the feature length “Bloodtype”. Family Curse Productions has been executive producers of 2 short films and is currently in pre-production of the feature length “The Beast” in Huntington, Pennsylvania. James T. Warbington, with over a decade of experience in professional sports, live theater as well as directed and been cinematographer on many Black Scorpion Films, LLC and Family Curse projects will be heading up “The Black Earth” short film in Wisconsin.

We hope to prove once again to all film makers that Wisconsin is a great place for the film industry.

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