SFRA and Other Professional Work

Today is the last day of Kent State’s Spring Break, but I feel like I have accomplished a few good things during this week off from teaching.

As SFRA Vice President, I am responsible for growing the membership rolls of the organization. As part of that work, I have been sending out conference fliers and membership sign-up forms to conferences in the U.S. and abroad. I am particularly interested in bringing more international members into the organization during the next two years. We have always been an international organization, but I believe that social media and the Internet will further collapse impediments to communication and discussion which will allow for greater participation across borders. To fulfill this vision, I have been using the SFRA social media platforms to get the word out about the organization and our annual meeting. I am also working on a new plan that may elevate the wider recognition of the organization through publication of the work and achievements of our members that is already present online but not aggregated into an easily accessible site.

It took a few days, but I just completed my application packet for a research fellowship. If I am awarded this fellowship, it will significantly add to the fourth chapter of my dissertation by allowing me to access sources that I cannot obtain in Ohio.

Now, I will return to my dissertation’s theory chapter as I sit in my study carrel at the Kent State Library.

What do you think?

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