NHK WORLD Wallpaper Calendar Online

Tonight, I ran across a beautiful set of wallpaper hosted on the NHK World website : here. There are thirteen photos from around Japan with twelve of them featuring a monthly calendar at the bottom. If you like looking at pretty pictures on your computer, I recommend that you check it out.

Published by Jason W. Ellis

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One thought on “NHK WORLD Wallpaper Calendar Online

  1. I ran across this last year a little too late i-cal is ok but these photo are as beautiful as ever guess Takashima Ya in Yokohama lost one sale of 2012 calendar. Thank you NHK World watch your programing here in Hawaii on Nippon Golden Network. Keep up the good works your programing is a lot better in some instances than American TV especially the news. CNN and the rest centering on the negative missing children, murdered women and the like makes me sick. Thank you once again!

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