I Got StumbleUpon-ed Yesterday, Greetings to New Visitors

I was surprised to see my site stats shoot through the roof yesterday. Apparently, a Stumbleupon user linked to my short post, “Scientific American on Boosting Your Intelligence in 5 Easy Steps.”

If you aren’t familiar with it, StumbleUpon.com is a site that “takes you to web pages, photos, and videos handpicked by your friends and like-minded people.”

I am very happy to have new visitors to DynamicSubspace. If you are new here, you may consider checking out my other high traffic posts in the box to the right.

5 thoughts on “I Got StumbleUpon-ed Yesterday, Greetings to New Visitors

  1. How does Stumble Upon work? I need to find like-minded young people. Another blogger said SU would be useful. But I don’t know if I should get a account or a user of SU should do it?

  2. I love stumble upon, thanks Jason for the link. I get tons of hits from it. My busiest day was Memorial Day weekend that I have ever had like 2,000 in one day. Congrats to you.

  3. Hi Jackie,

    Thanks for commenting on my post about Stumbleupon. I also received about 2000 hits on my Stumbleupon day! I have known about the site, but I unfortunately have not participated in the fun. I need to return the favor for others now.

    Best, Jason

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