Firefox 6 Rocks Safari 5.1 on Mac OS X Lion

I’m trying out Firefox 6 as a replacement for Safari 5.1 on Mac OS X Lion today.

The first thing that I love about the new Firefox is that it rocks Safari in responsiveness and memory usage.

Visiting big sites with loads of images and video launch with a bam! on Firefox as opposed to the laggy wimper on the new Safari. Also, the sites that I regularly login to and keep open like Gmail and don’t suffer the constant loading problem on Firefox 6 that has plagued Safari since its inception.

As you can see from the screenshot above, you can see that Firefox also uses less memory. For this comparison, I loaded six tabs on both browsers with the same sites that I normally load during my browsing sessions. Safari and Safari Web Content use a combined total of 748.7 MB while Firefox and Firefox Plugin Process use a combined total of 512.6 MB for a difference of 236.1 MB! I have documented Safari’s web hogging status previously here.

Having seen no glitches or problems so far today, I will keep rolling with Firefox for awhile.

If you haven’t downloaded the latest version of Firefox, you can find it here.