Yesterday’s Computer Project, Back to HDD from SSD

Yesterday, I began some badly needed work on my MacBook 5,1. I love SSD speed, but I don’t love shuffling and losing files. My catalog of photos and research materials reached a critical point on my 120 GB Intel X25-M SATA Solid-State Drive. I saw that Amazon had the best price on a Western Digital Scorpio 500 GB hard disk drive, so I picked up one of those to give my MacBook the internal storage capacity that I needed.

Swapping the drives is a quick and painless affair if you have a tiny philips head screw driver and a torx driver set.

After formatting the new drive, I reinstalled Lion and transferred many files to the new drive from a TimeMachine backup. I am now in the process of consolidating files that I was forced to keep on another external drive. I believe everything should be in place soon, and I can begin a new TimeMachine backup.

I should also receive new Corsair memory in the mail soon to bring my MacBook up to 8 GB. It currently has 4 GB and multiple open applications in Lion significantly decreases system responsiveness. Some applications, like Safari under Lion, are memory hogs (as I have reported on before). I hope adding RAM will help alleviate this issue.

What do you think?

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