First Sentences in Response to Steven P. Jobs’ Resignation as CEO of Apple

Steve Jobs’ departure from the the CEO seat at Apple has overshadowed much of everything else that is going on in the world today. It is a big deal that the prodigal son returned to Apple to set his old family home in order. Now, he is handing the reigns of the most relevant and commanding technology company in the world to former Apple COO Tim Cook.

I was thinking earlier today what was the first thing, i.e., the first sentence, of the major reports on Jobs’ resignation. I wanted to preserve these things as a sort of initializing string of the reports on Jobs’ decision as a way to think through what I ought to be concerned about but honestly don’t find myself caring about as much as I thought I might. Below are some of the sentences that I found today. More thoughts to come later.

The New York Times

Jobs Steps Down at Apple, Saying He Can’t Meet Duties

By David Streitfeld

Steven P. Jobs, whose insistent vision that he knew what consumers wanted made Apple one of the world’s most valuable and influential companies, is stepping down as chief executive, the company announced late Wednesday.

The Washington Post

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

By Michael S. Rosenwald

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs, who almost single-handedly changed the way people around the world consume music, the Internet and even TV, announced late Wednesday that he has resigned as leader of the company he co-founded in his parents’ garage.

Los Angeles Times

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO but named company chairman

By Walter Hamilton, Dawn Chmielewski and David Sarno

Steve Jobs, the visionary co-founder of Apple Inc. and driving force behind a string of products that revolutionized the consumer-electronics industry, stepped down as chief executive but was named chairman of the board, the company said late Wednesday.


Internet mourns Steve Jobs’ resignation

By John D. Sutter

It’s a moment many tech fans hoped never would come: Steve Jobs’ resignation from the helm of Apple, which he co-founded from his family garage in 1976.


Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

By Jason Snell

After 14 years as Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs resigned his post on Wednesday and was replaced by Tim Cook, who previously was the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Jobs, in turn, was elected as chairman of Apple’s board of directors.


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