The Foo Fighters Strike Back: Counter-Protest Against the Westboro Baptist Church

According to the Huffington Post:

Unafraid to get political — and goofy — the Foo Fighters put the two together in a surprise counter-protest against a notorious anti-gay hate church on Friday. Set to play a concert in Kansas City, Missouri that evening, the band put on a incredible show hours before the first tickets were even ripped. Led by lead singer Dave Grohl, the group showed up at the Westboro Baptist Church’s picket against their performance at the city’s Sprint Center, riding in the back of a rig truck and rocking out.

via Foo Fighters: Westboro Baptist Church Counter-Protest With Keep It Clean Hot Buns VIDEO.

Click the link above to watch the video of The Foo Fighters rocking out to “Keep It Clean (Hot Buns)” and other raunchy favorites in front of the Westboro Baptist Church hate group picket line.

The Foo Fighters are promoting what America should really be about–rejecting hate, going beyond tolerance, and promoting difference as what makes us great.

This was a good thing to see on a Sunday.

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