Your Chance to Be a Movie Mogul–Invest in the Feature Film Version of The Black Earth

James Warbington, my close friend, former collaborator on two 48 Hour Film Project shorts films, and director/editor/musician virtuoso is turning his award winning short film The Black Earth into a feature film, but he needs funding to do this. James is building his funding project on a Kickstarter-like pledging site called IndieGoGo. All of the details are below, including links to the IndieGoGo funding page and the official website where you can check out The Black Earth, an irreverant comedy about rednecks and zombies. I believe that this is a great project, and I hope that James’ vision can be realized on the larger screen.

Hello all-

Friends, Family, And Folks I know.

THe Black Earth SHort Film has taken off quite well. It came in 2nd place at Iris Film Festival in Huntingdon, PA. Today it was officially accepted at Driftless Film festival in Wisconsin in 2 of the major locations, Baraboo October 8th 2012 9:15PM (Playing at the historical Barnum Bailey Movie Plex) and Platville on October 7th 2012 at 9:15PM. So 3 official selections. Interviews on NPR, local papers and FOX and NBC will follow in the next few weeks (Whoo hoo I get to say dumb stuff and people actually listen….haha)

My goal, and the goal of the actors and crew is to make this into a feature length film. The script is nearly finalized. We need money…..of course. Now most films are at least 50 grand. But I am cheap, 11,500.00. Why? I own equipment, Have firends who have equipment, got friends who own a stunt and fx companies, I edit, film, and direct my own stuff (I am good like that), got friends who want to see this thing a feature. It’s goofy and funny and hopefully make you smile. PLease check out the site below as you will be able to see the short film and judge for yourself. If you feel compelled to donate, great! Check the perks out and see what ya get for your donation. If you don’t, because you can’t or you just don’t want to to fork out the cash, I understand. However I ask that you let everyone know about this, if nothing else but to see the short film for free on youtube!!!!

Currently we are official selections at Iris Film Festival, PA. Driftless, (2 times), WI and currently awaiting to hear from 7 other festivals, so this dumb little film is standing up as sober as it can and kicking ass.

To Donate and Read about the feature:

The Website:

GO check it out, I am trying to get off the ground running and I need your help. Every dollar counts and everytime you view the short film it garners more attention which will lead to a feature being filmed next year. We are working class stiffs trying to make a film. Everything counts, even giftcards and direct donations to me (you will still get credited for your donation)

Thank you for taking the time to check it all out.

Much Love-
James T. Warbington

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